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Omnia 11 FM Multi-Band Audio Processor (Non-HD)

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Omnia.11 FM has all the firepower of the FMHD, but without the HD section for those with
no need. Omnia.11 FM can be upgraded to an FMHD model at any time in the future

Omnia Omnia.11 Features:
• Newly developed intelligent wideband AGC
• Newly refined dynamically flat and time aligned crossovers
• New dual-topology multiband AGC/Compressor/Limiters using Chameleon Processing Technology
• New Density Detector for properly handled hypercompressed content
• New Ultra- LoIMD multiband limiter system with smart gain-reduction technology
• New Bass-Management system for unprecedented bass power with no nasty side-effects
• New Ultra LoIMD distortion controlled clipper system designed specifically to reduce IM distortion in this critical stage of the processing
• Newly refined Integrated laboratory-grade stereo generator with dual composite MPX outputs
• 19 kHz reference output
• SCA input
• >80 dB pilot protection and precision MPX LPF to protect RDS/RBDS and SCA signals
• ITU- BS-412 MPX limiter
• Analog, AES/EBU digital (with external sync input) and Livewire I/O
• Front panel 10.5" full-color touch-screen GUI
• Full remote control with built-in webpage interface via Ethernet port or on-board Wi-FI
• Headphone jack with soft “patch points” for listening thorough the processing chain
• Diversity-Delay up to 20 seconds with ramp-in and ramp-out ability
• Fanless cooling design built into a rugged 4 RU chassis

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