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Table of Contents

  1. Trade your old processor with a brand new
  2. Lowest prices guaranteed
  3. Currency rules/Payments
  4. International customers
  5. International Warranty issues
  6. Repair issues


  1. Trade Your old unit with a brand new

Q. How do I trade my old processor?

 A. If you have one or more old audio processors we can buy them and give you a band new Omnia or Orban.

*The old (used) unit must be one of the above brands:

Omnia (any model)

Orban (any digital model)

 Please provide to us all the necessary information like:

Manufactory, model, serial #, place and date of purchase, place that the unit is installed and digital photos. Please also describe the condition of the unit (heavy used, not working, full of scratches)


Q. My old unit is others manufacturer than Omnia or Orban.

 A. Please add a request and describes all details like, Manufacture, Model place of purchase and place that the unit is installed. Describe also the condition (used, heavy used, not working etc) and please provide digital photos.


  1. Lowest prices guaranteed

Q. How I can secure that I will buy in the lowest price?

A. Give as a signed (signature is required) quotation with a lower price than our list price and we will give you the same price.

 *The quotation must be printed with the logo of the company (dealer or big supplier) and must be signed from the person who speaks for the company. Quotation from no serious sources will not be accepted.

 **Please calculate carefully the prices:

 Think about Exchange rates

Think about the customs clearance charges

All products are imported and are in stock in Europe. This means that all are passes EU customs clearance procedure. Those charges and taxies are already included at the price we list for each product.

       3. Currency Rules

Q. I am an International buyer, what currency I have to pay?

A. We accept US Dollar, Euro, UK pound.


Q. Can i pay with the method of COD (Cash on Documents)?

A. Please be advised that we accept all kind of payments upon request. Please contact us for further details.


      4. International Customers

 Q. Aim not from EU and I want to buy. Why I have to pay the EU taxies and customs charges?

 A. YOU DON’T. We can send the unit you have select, direct from the manufacture place to your place (any Country).

 Some times we are trying to reduce tax and customs charges by importing the units to other countries and then we sent them to yours.


       5.International Warranty issues

 Q. What are the warranty issues for all the products?

 A. All products New and Used are become with a full warranty of 24 months from the first purchase date.


Q. Do the warranty issues comes from the manufactures or DTS Broadcast?

 A. DTS Broadcast have contracts with all manufactures of the products listed on our web site that include 2 years full warranty. 

 DTS Broadcast is responsible for the warranty handling.


      6. Repair Issues

 Q. What I have to do when the unit I have buy from DTS Broadcast fails?

 A. The procedure is very fast and easy. You have to contact DTS Broadcast support via email,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone call, fax. Please send as the above details:

Model, Serial #, describes the problem.


Q. Where I have to send the failed unit?

 A. Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. DTS Broadcast support team will sent you a Return Authoriesation number RA # and details where the unit must be sent. Keep this RA number you will use it like a case number.