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The E-1 offers incredible mix-minus flexibility, with a mix-minus output from every input channel that can use any console bus as its reference mix. Each channel also has direct to source talkback and auto-switching between on-air and offline mix-minus.Its 99 show presets, programmable soft switches, router based source and monitor control, and multiple frame sizes all make the E-1 an ideal addition for any studio size and use.

4 Fader Evolution 1 frame with;
1 MNE-1 Master / Monitor Panel (p/n 009610)
1 INE-1 4-Fader Input Panels (p/n 009610)
1 PSE-1 Power Supply (WS#083065)
1 E-1 User Manual (p/n# 009596)
1 ip88cbe Console Blade Mix Engine (p/n 011006) with 8 mono
(4 stereo) analog line inputs, 2 Mic preamps (patchable to
2 analog line inputs above), 4 AES inputs, 4 AES outputs,
4 analog outputs, Cue and headphone outputs on RJ45 and
1/4” jack, Control room and studio monitor outputs on XLRs,
12 programmable logic ports.
EQ & Dynamics Processing on every fader channel.
Additional Inputs and Outputs can added with ip88a, ip88d, ip88ad, and
ip88m I/O Blades through gigabit Ethernet network.
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