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Omnia 7AM

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• “Undo,” exclusive Omnia technology that removes distortion and mathematically re-creates the peaks
sliced from today’s poorly mastered contemporary music. Undo restores life, brilliance, and dynamic
range to any type of music.
• An exclusive Psychoacoustic Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper analyzes and masks distortion
perceptible to the human ear, leaving only clean, clear audio.
• A complete toolbox of sophisticated Omnia sound-shaping technology gives you the power to analyze
and refine your signature sound using a variety of sonic tools ranging from Real-Time Analyzers to
Oscilloscopes, FFTs, and more.
• Remote client software allows full remote control of processor and all metering tools from any
Windows-based PC or tablet on the local network—including touch-screen devices.
• Dry Voice Detector detects speech and applies appropriate processing for clearest possible voice
• Built-in Speaker Calibration tool.
• Multiband downward expansion (source noise reduction).
• Three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization.
• Three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization.
• Program-dependent two- to five-band multiband AGCs and limiters.
• 4.3” / 10.9 cm. front panel screen.• Full remote control with audio monitoring.
• Dual, independent power supplies.• Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for backup processor.
• Asymmetrical output with 150% maximum positive peak modulation, 100% maximum negative peakmodulation, and peak inversion controls for the input and output audio.
• Available with optional HD and/or streaming.
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